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Our fast-paced lives leave little time to contemplate. These Micro Moments are designed to entertain in a few words, read them slowly and savour the essence. Be they ordinary or remarkable, they are all special in their simplicity. 025




Haiku... So you’ve seen me writing my micro poems which I also refer to as haiku and 5-7-5s (mainly because I never knew which was what). I had only a vague idea and went with that.
It is a great way to express much in few words. Although that isn’t the half of it and I am just beginning to find out. Now I’m in between drafts of Playing Out, I started to ask questions and read up. I avoided it before. I’m mortified… I was doing it so wrong. Hadn’t a clue even when I did it right. I only started them help me improve. To learn to be economical with my words. Now I’m getting properly tangled up in it.
Sad thing is, the more read the more I see my mistakes. I cringe imagining the scoffs of intellectual snobs, of which social media has a few. Me not, can’t be the bullet and the gun.  

So, for better or worse, I’m going to attempt a purer form of haiku... we will see. Hopefully you will approve of the changes.
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