departing/ our true form

I depart

Three minutes shy of midnight

Rising unexpectedly

Leaving my emaciated shell

Family standing by my deathbed

Tears flowing, melancholy abound, even some relief

My physical life is over

A new state begins

Without body, without blood, without pain

Free-flowing consciousness

Drifting with ease, time no longer a concern

The most beautiful thing imaginable

My final farewells are thoughts passed down

As I ascend through the roof

Into the clear night sky

I have no shape, no form at all

Sight without eyes

Mind cleansed, ills purged

Physical life an inconsequential stage

A mere blip in the perpetual cycle

The cycle of being

Eternal shift

Entering the invisible province

Our true form complete

How fickle the world is

Worthless acts

If only you knew

The forever state denies all conflict

The forever state denies all religion

Just go with the flow

Embrace the inevitable

This wonderful summoning



Rising ...

Into space

Death is merely a transition

You need not fret

You need not panic

There's ample room for us all

Every man and every woman is a star





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