Memento Mori Pt.2



Self revelations, discovery and questions that will eternally plague me until I fall into the eternal slumber. Featured in Little By Little out in March 2017

I was born of matter and of man. Of chaos and sin. Of light and redemption.
I long to know if my life will be fruitful or if the soil in which I came from is barren.
I am the byproduct of biology and chance. And who will tend to the canvas of my dreams
when I grow cold and decay? Will my eternal consciousness on this earth be swept away in
the event of my death? If there is a beginning does it mean that there is also an end?
I am a creature of matter and I know that one day it will cease to church.
I will ascend into the cosmos and live in eternal paradise among the stars and flames of
the gods.
But I think I have been awakened to my truth. That I am apart of something extraordinary, even if not everyone can see it. There is no substitute for what I am, what I’ve become and what I’ve achieved. There are times where I’ve taken impossible leaps and the most demeaning sacrifices and for what? Hideous ridicule will forever echo through my sense of being. It will echo into the beings of my descendants, guiding them through all of space and time.
It is in my sadness and utter destain that I’m able to taste the most delicious and exquisite fruit that life has to offer. I’m unbound by false idols and unholy truths. I see my life for what it is and for what it can become. I am the byproduct of fate, yet I am also the architect of my destruction.

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