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Putting the new presidency in perspective

Donald Trump,

You’re a president,

For all to see,

At the end of the poem,

I don’t need nobody,

To follow me,


America stop the panic,

You’re not South Africa,

They got it really drastic,


Sat in my college course last semester,

A South African native, said stop your crying,

The South African president made it legal for random people,


To randomly walk in your house,

I got family still over there in the slums,

And I have to worry because they can’t get out,


She said “you’ll be ok,

It’s just a president”,

Not a lynching in the south,


Where’s Black Lives Matter,

And all the so called organisers,

Telling people they’re strong,

Where’s unity during the storm,


It’s the clash of the titans,

Good versus evil,

Good is winning,

Females in higher positions,

Young kids pursuing entrepreneurial ventures,


But we still got ways to go,

Blacks being killed,

And we got the videos to show,

Unemployment still high,

So you never know,

When employment knocks at you,



We have to remain humble,

We have to critique ourselves,

Change society,

And not let it change ourselves,


Racism is real,

We still got a fight,

So lick your wounds but still,

Press on,

Because like Maya said,

I rise


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