"Lost Without You"



When you miss that special person When you were use too exposing your heart.

My emotions flow

like the melody of a love song 

On repeat, you're intoxicating, I keep relapsing

I hunger for you

when you leave

it feels like I'm fasting 

gasping for air when you're not here

I feel nothing 

my heart no longer beats 

The high notes it once belted, now mellows

stiff pillows ly where you once were

all of my heart still wants her

but will we ever

find our way back to where we once were

we had that "One Love" that Bob spoke of

one soul

my arms comforted her in one fold

When I'm awake, I dream of you

I purposely forget when and where I felt in love with you

so I can remember how good it felt 

when I found love with you.


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