No More Lies



What will fill the void?The deep hunger to be more.Longing to belong.Outcast for too long. Darkness and despair loomLike a thief creeping in the shadows.Stealing self worth and joy. Pills dull the senses for only minutes.Perhaps something stronger ...

What will fill the void?
The deep hunger to be more.
Longing to belong.
Outcast for too long.

Darkness and despair loom
Like a thief creeping in the shadows.
Stealing self worth and joy.

Pills dull the senses for only minutes.
Perhaps something stronger
Will provide escape from never ending pain

How to find who you truly are?
Maybe it's how you were born.
A mistake by gender?
Abandoned by society and nature.
Struggling to belong.
Longing for a place of your own.

Chasing anything to fix the pain.
Never feeling fully content.
Confused, wondering why you were even born.
So many mistakes you've made.
Gone the wrong way.

This world is twisted and torn.
Thriving on lies and deception

I tell you now, follow the light.
Step boldly into the purpose God has for you.
You are His creation.
He makes no mistakes.

You are exactly perfection in His eyes
From your very day of birth.
Cry out to God, your Heavenly Father.
Only He can fill that void.
Let His light shine into the darkest places.
Accept the healing and grace that awaits.

You are more than the lies.
It doesn't matter what you have done
Or how many times you have tried.
You are worthy and loved.
Your life has meaning and purpose.


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