What will prevail when the script is flipped

The longer I live, the more I believe things will remain the same or get worse.  Are you prepared for what is to come as those who oppress have the nerve to critize a performance that Beyoncé gave with love — sometimes I just want to close myself off and wait on death to approach cause this non-acceptance and critical analysis based on the denials sometimes get the best of my emotions.


show and tell words can fail
batons wailing, fire hoses spreading
obstructions as canines’ growl and snap
yet are restricted

while in the next wave of action,
riot gear and military contraptions
Are the show of force that keeps
us from crossing the lines

show and tell actions speak louder
protesters suffering the consequences
becoming impaled with the violence
yet continuing their pursuits faced with anomosity

show and tell was it all in vein
this show of dissention
when the words failed
and the actions prevailed

show and tell the reasons why
strange fruit still swings
in the early morning fog,
when will it change?

show and tell the truths
which seem to be ignored
in favor of self-serving rules
used to hold a spirit back

show and tell what the hell
we are not bullet-proof and as a result
lead escaping metal makes us
stumble and tumble to the earth

show and tell, the red as it leaks
from a body stripping away hope,
as well as life and dreams to achieve
what has been denied

but most importantly as you show,
I will tell, I lied when I said people would
eventually see and understand, just what it takes
to live with peace amongst us,

too busy being caught up, making the effort
to justify what has been said
and the wrong that has been done, with behaviors
disguising desires to control and restrain

too busy trying to get what they feel
is their due devious hearts and inner spirits
all askew, with greed at the root
of all that they do,

left to raise kids in the concrete zoo
show and tell with sincerity and truth,
consequences arrived at that serves
neither me nor you

those consequences spreading
from generation to generation
with children not being fed with
what is important to live

let alone achieve on a positive,
waking up to night crawlers crawling
on their face, eating lead picked from the walls
which should not even be there

in the showing who has really seen,
in the telling who has really heard
too few focused on less than the whole;
instead, it’s all about them

and how their world will unfold,
no time for you and yours,
that’s the least of their concerns,
as we all move forward towards what end

I lied, but in that lie is seen
the hope that keeps me able to cope
in this realm, realizing without hope,
one is left feeling defeated

helpless and hopeless, can you
in all honesty show me and tell me
that was not the purpose


© 2016 Connie Jordan
All Rights Reserved


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