Hashtag of a # of a Hashtag



Creation is created through creation, a process of creating. Everything has its origin which is a product of itself, replicated in time and through it's mimesis is the same.

Space is a shadow of space 

where it is a reflection of balance. 

Time is a forecast of life 

when it transcends into us. 


Love is a window of love 

where it reflects in our hearts. 

Surrealism is a foreshadow of the soul 

when it descends upon me. 


Black is of nothing of black 

of nothing but absent color

spidering itself into existence 

when we wake up in the morning. 




Life is of life 

which is happiness, 

of the prospects and aspects 

of joy received from others. 


Jokes of boxes of jokes 

are of laughter filled clouds 

giggling rain downwards 

above me the beads of rain break 

onto my face.

A Joke?



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