Mushroom lives



6/9/16 About our busy lives and their contrariness to our own self-realisation

We are living mushroom lives.

We start off so focussed,

our lives are our family,

our parents holding us

in the palms of their hands,

our siblings roughly, but not too roughly,

pushing us aside, forward, backward, up, down...

but loving us too.


The road is straight and narrow when you are small.

As we grow, we start to diversify;

there's school, friends, interests, sports..

all of it a thickening of the stem of our lives,

but all still grounded and kept in check

by the nuclear family, the parents, the siblings

everyone guiding you forward, gently but surely.

Our paths are still straight, but blurring at the edges.


Then one day we wake up and we are adults or parents,

there are 8975 demands on each of us

every second of every day of our lives,

so many of us are pulled and pulling in so many directions all at once.

The stem of our lives has ballooned,

mushroomed out of control and is wide and spreading

like the canopy of a rain-forest,

in inverse proportion to our desires and need for a simple life.


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