Love is worth the ride, when it is right!!

Sometimes no matter how hard you try to hide behind self-imposed walls someone comes along and penetrates those walls but it can be a good thing — stay open to possibilities but move with cautious!!



Hypnotic hyperbolic actions
breaking down walls created,
never to become penetrated
yet, here you stand next to me
and I am enamored
by your words and actions
which tug on my emotions,
giving you a chance
with my heart and my spirit
leaving me once again vulnerable


Time heals hurts but for us time is the mechanism
That moves us forward in happiness
Nights spent wrapped in loving embraces
Days spent apart building anticipation
Tick tock, tick tock
Time seemingly moving slowly until we meet again
Then like a flash of lightning
Days verbalized, meal eaten
Once again our love making then sleep until tomorrow
When we do it all again,


© 2016 Connie Jordan
All Rights Reserved


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