Journey of Life



As I view the crest from atop

Thankful my aching, raw feet have carried me

Whilst unexpected branches

Have pierced my naïve body


I encounter a majestic bird

Methodically providing shelter

Piece by piece, a harmonious act

An instinct, a perfect knowing


Able to experience that only through the

Eyes that have brought me here

A teacher, it honors me with its work

Sensing, I can never have true understanding


Yet, I feel the opening

My instinct humming

Challenging me, I reach up

Soaking in the nourishing glow of the sun


Radiating life, revealing the landscape ahead

I see where there is light, there is dark

There is clarity

On the tip of my tongue I feel the future


I see it waiting

The divide is unclear

In the valley between, a soft blur resides

The horizon gently summoning me


Forward into the prism that waits

Behind, I sense the wind supporting me

Each step in the draft that is leading me

Where I have always been


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