Peace That Is No Peace



An examination of what true "Peace" is.



Perfect Peace brings release

Overtly Obivous turn back O’ Orpheus

Needling Needs are the greatest Fatigues

Meddling Minds will never Define

Languishing Laughter only found in the Hereafter

Kindly Kin Oh never Again

Juggling Jesters offering sweet Gestures

Icy Indifference brings only Bitterness

Hotily Horrendous why so Senseless

Goblets of Godlessness, bedpartners are Congruous

Furiously Fendish the ultimate Weakness

Eloquently Entrancing it holds no Welcoming

Definitely Deafening there are no Words

Cosmic Coldness brings no Wholeness

Bitterly Blind oh give  us a Sign

Acutely Aware the answer is “Jesus”

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