Dog Shopping Tip



Just a short piece in the style of a haibun about insights gained from having trained dogs. If you are just about to buy a puppy this is a beneficial read.

at the road’s merge

so many puppies

at the dog park


We shop for a new puppy. I assess the dog my way, not just with a scritch behind fluffy cute ears. The dog is put on the ground with a lead on. Five feet away I go down on all fours and face him off. The puppy raises those cute ears and cocks his head. I make the universal sign of play and pounce forward on my front paws, leaving my hind legs still. I shake my head and wag my tail.

There are three responses the pup will make. The first two, run behind the person’s legs that holds the lead and run at me with no warning are the least desirable. The first a fear biter and in need of learning the social, the other is too aggressive and will incite biting. He too is in need of learning the social.

The dog I choose scrunches down as I have with his paws forward and his head full of antics. We like Sumo wrestlers start the match off with a playful bow and a bum wagging.


at the road’s merge

horn and brake lights

tails wag

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