It is rare when we find someone who loves us "unconditionally"; it is nothing short of a miracle when we finally discover that quality within ourselves.

I have written about facades


Skills of duplicity

Rules of engagement, and the like

Built, constructed, learned without any instructions

Veritably impenetrable

From either side

Perhaps decades in the making


Hidden, safer and lost behind them

Susceptible in front of them

Without them

The deprivation

Vulnerable creatures that we are

Perceptible, acceptable

They can be taken too far 

Or simply relied upon too long

Do not condemn or criticize yourself

For their evolution and purpose was not wrong


When life necessitates them

One can resort to a "hide and seek"

Dare not peek

Too closely

When, almost everyone is sure that "If people really knew them,

They would not want to."

And yet,

We deprive them of the experience

Those protective things, in the way


But, taking them down, brick by brick

To let the sunlight of reflection and perception in

We can see ourselves as "not so bad"

As warmth and fresh air, do their thing 

Then, we can truly face the world

And ourselves

Abandoning pretense and risking authenticity

The ones that stay behind 

Are to be celebrated and cherished for all they are worth

While their number may be few

They are just as priceless and incomparable

To the authentic you 


It is rare when someone loves us "unconditionally";

It is nothing short of a miracle when we discover that quality within ourselves!

So take that wall or "self", which might have served a purpose

Most often crafted in time of need  

They usually are outgrown

Discard the image, to embrace what you have become

A genuine being, resilient enough now

Ready to be loved or left and known!



Copyright — 2016 — Elaine M. Mullen — "GreenOgess — Volume II"    In production.   "GreenOgress/Twitter




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