Surpassing Judgments...




Lunacy for presuming I’m barren of insight

Mistakenly, you have framed me in this

Open window of the universe

How narrow are you to arrogate

Synthetic regency over my trajectory

I thank God I carry the wherewithal

To radiate at this preposterous devaluing

For all along I have been golden, honeyed with opportunity

I laugh at such confines because in this sound course

All the while sequential lines were placed

Like a chariot of fire I surged across

Such petty modes angling to fix hurdles in my path

Negligible restraints, I didn’t even witness

As my gaze was set so far out

Surely, you were impotent to grasp this devotion

Astonishing my mediocrity surpassed even your greatest attempt

Blurred, you are unsuspecting in spite of risen proof

Veritably, blinded in denial, so consumed with

Disparaging energy directed towards me

Gravely missing the mark of your inherent potentiality

What if you had sought your private horizon?



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