About madness. It's another poem from "Poems People Liked" (lyrical and rhyming verse). Hopefully, it's lyrical, concise and "free". It doesn't have overt rhyme. I'm never sure about free verse. I wonder if Eliot was sure. Suppose so. Hope so. Enough!

You will see

it is not easy

for her captives 

to erect defences.


Barricades and walls

are faulty hurdles -

soon surpassed

with quieter grace

than expert leapers exercise

at low lee parapets.


Her judgment

is exemplified by choice.


She will never

cast her eyes

down wind to me

but like a wary hawk

will swivel shifty glances

pouncing unsuspected

with immaculately tapered talons

miles away.


One afternoon

of medium sun

quite innocently

I will slip towards her

kind remarks 

like bank notes

and be murdered.

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