My love



/ poetry


I imagine my love as a bullet

which I ride straight to you,

aimed at your head, at your heart.

My love, here, is words,

turned into imagery,

expressed as beauty.

My bullet races 

toward you

straight and true.

When it hits,

it becomes a warm hug,

gentle but strong,

deep and kind.

My love is kisses on your forehead

and picking you up

and tackling you.

My love is in your cheeks,

and his smile,

and her kiss,

and him...

calling my name,

over and over,

as I respond in kind.

My bullet becomes

a blanket on impact,

it catches your legs

and trips you up,

and you cannot run from it.

It surrounds you,

warm and close

and familiar, like an old jacket.

My love is expression,

it is in my eyes 

when I look at you,

at her, at them.

I am my love.

I live it.


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