Because that darkness still lingers sometimes, but I will always keep my sunshine safe from it...



Little one, there will be days when I will cry,

Please bear with me.

There will be times when I laugh ecstatically,

Then sob uncontrollably. 

There will be days when I will stare at nothing

And then get angry at it.

There will be days when I am on top of the world,

And others when I can't even lift my head.

There will be days when getting out of bed

Will be really difficult for me.

There will be days when I break my own heart several times,

But I will never break yours.

I will shield you from it all so you see

No torture, dark or pain.


You must always know that you are the best thing in my life,

The brightest light in my dark, dark sky.

For you I am brave, the strongest being you'll know,

For you I am happy and always present.

If ever the day comes that you understand these words my love,

I am sorry. So very, very sorry.

But I will understand, hold you,

Love and guide you through.

I will keep you safe and sane,

Be your logic and your light,

Just like you have been

And always will be, for me.

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