Cheese and Wine



A sensual poem about the magnificence of being in love with another, about enjoying the thrill and journey. A poem about embracing the love of another.


Your sway your body like a glass of wine towards mine

You hold my hand and swirl me gently

Like that smooth glass of wine you carry

You delicately mix the flavours of this pleasurable moment

Your cologne blows my senses into pieces of passion

I fall back into your arms


You are like the rich blends of matured wine and creamy cheese

You are fine and smooth like imported silk

With an exquisite finish of quality and appeal

You close my eyes and get me in a romantic mood

A mood channelled by your scent and tenderness


A rich taste of fermented grape on your lips

Arouses the curiosity of mine

It has a rich and firm presence

One to be obeyed

One that melts my heart into complete surrender

Just like you do


I am completely lost in you

I am in a state

A state of weakness

“Don't open your eyes

I am about to take you to the moon and beyond” you say

A blast of wild wonder is evoked in me


I explore the finest taste of exotic cheese followed by silky rich wine

My taste warriors are on a warpath

Your signaturekiss and smooth unhurried touch

on my neck down to my back gets me instantly hooked

A combination that sets an epic bomb in my mind

Classic finish



Your love is inexpressible as this moment

Matured and smooth

Rich and full of zest


With no words said it speaks volumes

It envelopes my senses and complements me as a being

You complete me as your choice and fulfil me as your better half

You are like the rich and aromatic blends of matured wine and fine cheese





Extracted from the poetry collection titled Whisper Tells Me: My Intimate Collections See:

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