The shortcomings of business travel



Reality meets expectation in the true business travel experience

When you’re out of sorts and feel your sanity unravel,

You hear yourself say things like “I enjoy business travel”,

You picture luxury and style and things that are hip,

Ideas that are corrected on your next business trip,

You rise 2 hours earlier than you normally do,

But you’re encouraged by the loyalty points you’ll accrue,

Enthusiasm wanes and your stomach forms knots,

When you can’t find a space in the parking lot,

You’re late and can’t afford to lose anymore time,

You fight tears at the sight of the security line,

“Take a deep breath, there is very little I can do,

But can that person take more time removing their shoe?!”

Despite the long odds you arrive at your gate,

They have boarded your group, but you’re late so you wait,

But you’ve arrived so you consider that a big win,

Until you find there’s no room in the overhead bins,

And you’ll sit in the middle in the very last row,

While they check your luggage in the section below,

You climb over your neighbor, and he is not svelte,

And discover he is sitting on your seat belt,

And your seat is uncomfortable, but what can you do?

Then the pilot says your plane is 18th in the queue,

“No beverages ‘til we’re in flight, you know the routine,”

But your head is pounding from the lack of caffeine,

When the wheels are finally up, you can exhale,

Drink some coffee, use wireless, check your email,

But your client has mailed you, he regrets to say,

He has a conflict and needs to meet another day,

He’ll have his admin schedule, sorry to be a pain,

And hopes he caught you before you boarded the plane.

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