Silent Screams



They say all living things feel, but we cannot always hear their screams when they are hurting?

Full moon is bringing me joy

Glowing down, deep into my core

Feels like cool breeze rustling

Among the leaves, relieving

The heat built up deep within me


My heart dried to tinder

I pray the scorching heat

Still burning beneath me

Doesn't set it alight

Arms up reaching for that moon


Struggling with anxiety

Not knowing my direction

Which way to lean

Confused by today's invaders

Stand frozen cannot ensure my own existence


People! People cry out when desperate

Here I stand voiceless in despair

Invaders voices yelling before me

I feel such heavy chains upon me

They argue a tug of war as if i can't hear them


I am left here without comfort

Re-playing their harsh words

Yet they've left fearful

But only to their own plight

Gone I guess to vie in their world 


Sinister cravings, I bet they pitch

It matters not about me

I am not heard nor cared for

Not as deeply as their money

That jingles in their pocket


Inhale the bad stuff

Exhale the good stuff

At least I have the power to breathe

For that will not only benefit me

Invaders don't think about that or me


Can you hear that?

The lull , the quiet?

It has become still not a sound to be heard

Oh wait, what was that

Sshh can you hear it too


Keep still, don't breathe, don't move

They are close, I can sense them

Standing still, I can't run

It's them, my God, how come?

Voices hushed, turn off that light its hot like the sun


Stop! What are you doing

You are not supposed to be here

I'm frightened, stop touching me

Get that chain off of me

You filthy animals, you vermin, you scum


No, No ! Stop! I don't want 

To die at your hands, put that away

Let's talk about this, come on

Just take a moment to listen 

You'll hear me, if you just listen clearly


Moon! I reach for you, help me

I have to face it, I am surrounded by many

But none can come to my aide

Run everyone, go to the others they are safe

You cannot stay here with me, you will perish


No strength to fight back

But my resolve will not yield

I can not, I will not bow, I am incapable

Bracing myself as they approach, defiant I stand

I know the doom, the pain they bring with their hands


Deafening noise, it rips as if toying

With my outer skin, twisting it eating it 

With its teeth then it spits

I can feel the first seeping of my blood

As they get closer to where it will hurt


Aahhhh Oh fuck please make it stop

Breathing rapidly trying to cope with whats to come

I wish I had the capacity to faint

To fall to the ground unconscious 

So I can escape this pain


Oh My God! Mother! you've abandoned me

Fuck off you murderous fuckers

Perversely enjoying my pain you must be

If only I could make you hear my screams

As you cut me with your death machine


They're almost done, through to my other side

They have almost come, my blood they are covered

Its smell fills the air. Too numb I no longer feel

Submission is inevitable, they will succeed

In making me kneel, though unheard I will not beg


Tell my Mother I love her

Her love unconditional has nurtured

She has nourished, unwavering 

Gave me everything so I can be

I know she will weep at her loss


If only they could have heard me

As they butchered, massacred without care

Silent screams they couldn't hear

What does it matter to them, to you

I am only a tree.


© Kartanya Martinez

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