Hear me roar



This is a poem that I wrote from the brightest chambers of my heart, as well as the darkest. It's about my personal journey in this thing we call "life". Enjoy....

"As I sit beside my window
and stare up into the darkened sky,

I begin to think of a childhood wish I once had.......
and a tiny tear forms in the corner of my eye.

I would pick a star, and wish aloud
that a princess one day I might be.

But my family's religion got in the way of that,
so I hid my dream away so that no one could see.

I kept my inner self a secret,
and I kept it hidden very well.

I didn't want word to get out about my wish,
or the church would condemn me yet again to "hell".

The years seemed to pass by quickly,
and my mind was now woefully stressed.

"I'm a middle aged man who never fulfilled his dream!"
The thought of that made me terribly depressed.

Each day of my life became darker.
I cursed the light of the morning sun!

My emotions had me feeling like a poor caged animal.....
with nowhere left in the world to run!

I thought about suicide often.......
the depression and turmoil kept filling my head!

I couldn't allow the world to know who I really was!
I felt as though I were better off dead!

Then I started having health issues.
Ulcers, nausea and so on.......

And the hospital psychiatrist said "It's caused by depression!".......
all I knew is that I wanted it GONE!

So I scheduled some serious therapy,
and decided to wrestle this bull to the ground!

I told my ex-wife and others of my innermost secret,
and since then my life and soul have been unbound!

I am now happier than I've ever been in my life!
I'm strengthened by some wonderful friends at my side!

I can now tell the world proudly, "My name is Vicki!",
and shall never again allow my true self to run and hide!

Yes, world! I am a transsexual human being!
And I share the same world as you, like it or not!

And you may as well get used to the new "babe" in town.......
one that's going to be hotter than hot!

I shall never back away from my journey.......
my path has finally been set in stone.

Never again will I feel isolated and severely depressed.
Never again will I feel cold and alone.

I'm now becoming the princess I wished to be!
I'm growing wings and beginning to soar!

No longer am I a cowardly man hiding who "he" really is!
Take a look at ME, world! I'm a woman! Hear me roar!"

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