Those Words;



/ poem

when a love one has died

                                             Those Words;

 Seconds ticks, like eternity;

 Why is this doctor so sad?

               I see his lips moving, those words are foreign to me.

               I don’t understand.

                             Why is the air so tense around me?

                             Why is it gripping my heart so tight?

               What are those words that are haunting me; spinning the room around like a top?

               Why are those words chasing me through time, moments that have already passed?

As I take a deep breath, to confront those words once again, trying to get a meaning, an understanding, what the doctor is saying.

As I hold my head in my hand, to concentrate as the doctor says these words once again;

                          “I’m sorry but your love one has died.”

                By,  JT Crossroads,

                                                 Every journey begins with a first step or the turn of a page.

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