Dear Universe,



This is an open letter, and a poetic utterance. It is my quiet plea and wishful prayer. Dear Universe, I hope you are here, attentive and listening. lmr

This planet has been so crazy today... but You look so beautiful, tonight.  How are You doing anyway? 

Are the stars and planets, moons and galaxies treating  You respectfully? Hopefully, You are well, and none the worse for wear. 

By the way,  this is me, Your boi, Lin. You know that cat with all these dreams inside his head he *never* shares with anyone? Yeah, that Lin.

Lately, I've been thinking-- pondering really-- that if we are truly meant to be on good terms, then perhaps I should speak to You more directly. This is my attempt at a mini-quasi-prayer session, where I talk, and hopefully... just maybe, You'll listen…

This is NOT meant to be Santa's list, so please forgive me, in advance, if it comes off a bit too selfish.  However, below are but a few things I would very much like to see come into my Life... and for that matter, the earth's existence:


I would like to manifest a part of the Loveliness You foresaw in me, and in every human being.  You see, I would like to be a Light in this world. Not nearly as bright as Yours, but one that swirls and illuminates long after I've left it.

I would love it, if all the people who are Blessed with the purest of hearts would mix with those who possess the kindest souls, and then maybe this breeding activity would glow and grow like a quiet fire to encompass the planet.

I would love it if we could all just lead with Love... Love instead of anger or pettiness... Love instead of rancor or the readiness to kill each other.

And since we are speaking of dreams, I  sometimes dream of living out of a suitcase, in Paris, of wearing a natty beret and taking copious notes outside a small Parisian café.  Maybe this is just a projection, a wishful vision or scenes from a past-life, but it visits this space beneath my eyelashes almost each day and most every night.

I would really like the freedom to live out loud, the wisdom and compassion to love without judgment, and to dance my private freak's dance inside an appreciative crowd.

I would love to experience hotly electric moments of transcendent sex, to howl orgasmic from the solar plexus, and then to sleep, the deeply soulful sleep of accomplishment.

I would love to see Peace and Unity become, not just words, but physical manifestations of human release. 

I would love for there to never be hunger in any region of this planet again. and for every child in existence to be safe, happy, laughing and disease-free.

I would like the time to contemplate my divinity... and when I'm so inclined, to then embark upon an excavation to all these ancient places within me.

I would love to be respected for the vastness of my gift, but most of all, to be known for all the facets of this glamorous spirit.

I would love for that homeless cat down the street to have a better day, a warmer, less chaotic night, and to lead a better life.
I would like to sit with a noted Maharishi at the frosty floor of the radiant Himalayas, to center my chi, and ohmmmmmmmmmm... my way into a pristine clarity.

I want a certain well-loved face to be right beside me, as a ride or die reality, throughout the pitfalls and adversities, the acclaims and victories of my journey.

I would like to weave and mold my artistry through limitless lands of creativity, to compose the perfect sentence, create the perfect poem, to ecstatically moan the perfect torch song.

I want to hitch a camel ride somewhere safely out of time, out of mind...  out of constriction, out of confusion, out of empires constructed from fictions.

I want my every cell and corpuscle to breathe freely, every joint, sinew and muscle to embrace this journey of love and learning, discovery and acceptance.

I want to be healthy... and wise... and well…  always interesting... and forever interested.

You see, I want to paint my most enduring masterpiece, to tickle my inner Shakespeare, and dare to write like no one else, but me.

I would like to pen the most dopest opus that speaks directly to the soul and keeps its focus upon this life-force that is humanity.

Yes.  I want to keep my feet on the ground, my sanity earthbound and yet possess this ability to fly... to always be artful, and for Art to be my mission.

Lastly, I want, I really want Heaven to truly exist for all souls I have loved... and whom I continue to miss; and to know with certainty, they are there and waiting to see me again.

That's it.  That's all.

Peace-out, Universe.  Thanks for listening.

Again, this be Your boi, Lin. Aiight?

One Love.

copyright © 2016 by L.M. Ross

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