Do yourself a favor...



Be true to you.


So I hear you're angry, well so was I.
Question? Did you wake up today?
Did God give you yet another day?
Not everyone else was so lucky.

Can't you find joy in knowing your path
Is still growing and so are you.

You read this and say — she has no idea what I'm going through
Maybe you're right, but maybe I do, even if just a little. I don't know Your particular situation, but I do know mine.

Staying in that angry phase only made years go by, my heart harden and my friends to leave. My joy was gone and people moved on.
For awhile it was so much easier to blame them for not believing in me or better yet standing by me? Some of that may be true. Some may have never been my friends at all, just a fill in for a Friday night. Who knows why they were in my life, they are not there now. I will never completely know why.

What I do know is that I'm here now
And I want to help you
Denial is a strong thing
You can sit there for hours, or even years
All you did was block your growth, people you love,
And life from continuing.

Do yourself a favor — get over being you!

The hurt, angriness, and denial are doing
nothing for you, except maybe aging you.
Start by loving little things like the sun and God's nature.
Start a 3 or 5 day affirmations journal.
- Mark down things you are thankful for.
If you're so far off, try even smaller things like, a glass of clean water, syrup for your waffle, clean socks.
Eventually move on to bigger things that your are grateful for.

Helpful hints: You always have a few things to be grateful for —
You woke up yet another day and
God loves you.

Have a great day!!!

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