Empathy is Supernatural



If you disagree, maybe you haven't seen enough of it in action...

Empathy is supernatural
From the response
Of its application
Towards solace
I’d say.

We are but glints in an iris of existence
Shimmering impermanent individuation
Casting light for; far, and upon each another
Antediluvian darkened vastness
Suspended character in infinite time
As minds of itself

And that weight of mind! — such
To become lost and trapped in oneself
That maddening world of terms
Buried in interpretation
Of cultural participation
From affection
To function
In the situation
Of relief
And not transaction.

No — the weight of mind lies not of its infinite ideals,
Nor the artistic nuances — as infinite as idiosyncrasies;

But its towering burden of doubts -
A large weight of nothing at all!
Their journeys absurd!
Their terms are ought thing nor human!
Hope costs less than fear; as chosen from
Freedom — which is assigned a fee!

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