September 1976



My father died in September 1976. It was a turning point, a loss of that feeling of innocence and carefree.

Do you remember the fireflies

When the edge of the forest would come to life

And they’d rise to light the sky

The humid air above us,

The open fields before us

The sounds of cricket frogs from puddles

The last incessant buzz of cicadas

Everything was green

A warm safe green

when mosiquotoes

meant innocent stings

And a band-aid cured everything


Coke syrup for queezy stomachs

Mercurochrome to close all wounds

The simplicity of summer

when evening would come too soon

running the streets, the woods,

the trees

we had it all in our endless landscape

we were kings

monsters stayed safely under beds

there were heroes and fables and stories we read

the cold sweet breezes of autumn

that wonderful September day

watching with sadness, anxiety

as summer burned away


In the darkness of autumn

We grew a million years

As monsters showed their faces

And truth became our darkest fears

We grew up in one day

When dad that sailed his ship

To somewhere far away

Give me a few days

And I’ll make it all go away

Give me a few days

and we’ll be happy again


Do you remember the fireflies

The summer that followed

Or the spring

I don’t remember the sounds,

Or the colors

I don’t remember anything…

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