Lines inspired by a documentary on B.B.C. Two television about the wild life of New Zealand.

I am kakapo,
humans named me so,
up wood plants I go,
on giant rocks they grow.
I am a parrot.
Though wings I have got,
to fly I cannot.
My big claws I stamp,
eat leaves wet and damp,
to trees I climb I clamp.
Good at climbing trees,
which is fortunate,
for I live in a forest,
to have a pause in prose.
Sure as hives have bees,
the forest bends its knees.
Huge trees older than I
thrust up to the sky.
Do much the same each day,
green grub I eat and play.
Keep my claws in joint,
find a nice view point.
The parrot I prefer
to any bird out there,
for such I am one,
like a leaf here and gone.
Do not know I die,
immortal then seem I.
Of time not aware,
leave that to human care.
I boom to my mate,
my intentions state.
Forest I walk and climb
in my own green time.
Other birds can fly,
watch them flapping by.
No brain to envy,
like water I flow free.
Wild the wind will blow,
acceptance peace I know.
I am kakapo.


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