Politically Defectness — poem



Here is a poem taken from my recently published book of poems and verse called 'Politically Defectness' under my author name of Nick Lee available on Amazon and all good book sellers.



Political Correctness, I despise your directness

Promoting your ideology, your terminology, I wish you were a mythology

Preventing us from saying words, mantras like yours are for the birds

Purposefully directing us, forever correcting us


Promoting equality and diversity, for some not for all, your like an adversary

Political correctness, why are you necessary

Perhaps one day we'll celebrate your last ever anniversary

Politcal correctness I wish you would bend so I can amend


Pervading our thoughts, brainwashing us with your taunts

Permanently damaging us with absolutely no fuss

Political correctness may you turn to dust and just become rust

Politcal correctness you are the enemy of free thought but I will never be bought





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