Once and forever



4/10/16 Poetry set; For the love of darkness/How to be a stranger/Tess/Moses.2/The day we sang Delilah

For the love of darkness


This lush, thick blanket

of midnight silence...

wrap it around my shoulders,

closer and closer.

Like a lover, take it in,

breathe it into yourself...


This jagged piece of night,

this exquisite darkness,

this immersive, inky black

encompassing the world...

Holding it like the sweetest child,

breathe in it.




b... r... e... a... t... h... e...




How to be a stranger


I sent a whisper into the night,

it may have been your name,

like a letter turned into a paper-aeroplane,

and eased into a benevolent breeze

I sent out my love, my voice, my love.


This single word set free,

quietly, just the way you'd like it,

I breathed my soul into it.

A message in a bottle of hope...

of goodwill and peace and Kindred.


A single tear, caught on film,

making a bead of the world.

The entire universe captured in

infinitesimal exactitude.

Pick out each photon for higher resolution.


Look closer, listen, like you never did,

the way you could not

with a life so full of noise...

Look closer, see the rays of light,

each one a different way of loving you.






I loved her through you,

this child I never met.

Through your eyes I could see her smile

and her bright inquisitive eyes,

always questioning.

Her curious blend of intelligence and innocence 

making her a tinier version of a tiny you.






Remember his face.

Remember his eyes.

Remember his gentle way

of reaching for you;

though you were a stranger,

he loved you instantly.

Remember his tiny arms

and his pillow cheeks.

Remember his soft curls

and the way he rested his head

on your chest. 





The day we sang Delilah


The day we sang that song,

in harmony, you and I,

though you can sing

and I cannot,

our voices merged.

Somewhere between us

they mingled,

and became greater than ourselves.


My chest vibrated with the power of that moment,

each breath came easily,

each word flowed from my mouth

like the richest blood,

like the sweetest honey,

like the warmest milk.

Like life and love.

You felt it too.



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