Angel of death



A poem about travelling to the next life.

I'll come for you in the dead of the night, 

Or perhaps in the morning, at touch of first light.

Whatever the time, doesn't matter to me,

I just follow orders, it's my job, you see?

I'll wait for you, untill you take your last breath, 

With family around you, who cry at your death.

I wish I could tell them it'll all be okay, 

Your passing was quick, painfree,  no delay.

To tell them that your soul's by my side, 

Safe in my hands untill the other side.

But I don't, I can't, they won't understand, 

For they cannot see this magical land.

It's upsetting to watch, but they'll never believe,

It's best that we leave for now, and let them grieve.

On a journey we go, to the spiritual land,

Filled with hopes and dreams, let your mind expand.

I am not here to scare you or frighten,

It's simply my job to guide and enlighten.

Don't worry I say, it'll all be okay, 

You will see your family again, one day.

You can visit them often once you're in heaven.

Come and go as you please, it's not like a prison.

Untill then my friend, it's just you and I, 

And we'll be in heaven in the blink of an eye.






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