When your spirit is low, lean on faith; all within you

Sometimes through life's travels your spirit gets depleted and you wander around simply going through the motions of life but with faith you continue to move beyond what seems impossible and you arrive at your destination...



Angels surrounded Spirit, guiding
Spirit, giving encouragement
when the winds of the storms
blew, fiercely sometimes
knocking Spirit to the ground

God sends Spirit an angel
every time, in human form,
to sustain Spirit with words
needed to move on, so Spirit
never feels alone,

Because deep down inside
Spirit knows, having traveled
many roads of transgression,
that through all those storms,
Faith made Spirit know

God had Spirit’s back all along

Spirit is alive in this knowledge
wrapped up, as Spirit is, in the
loving arms of Jesus; knowing
that the seed of love planted
generations ago,

Before Spirit even materialized
in the world in the form of a
baby born, manifested many times,
over generations of procreation,
sowed through Faith,

Remained strong,

As predicaments came and went
yet, leaving Spirit standing strong
in what Spirit knew to be real –
God was in Spirit’s soul, keeping
His promise alive

With each passing day of
existence never to forsake Spirit;
running through remembrances
as movie reels of situations
Spirit had been in

Circled in Spirit’s mind;
Spirit didn’t even know,
on the surface, that protection
was always there, all Spirit
knew for sure was that

Spirit had survived and
miraculously risen from the
ashes of each disaster, standing
strong in the aftermath and
moving on,

Nurtured as Spirit was by the
planter of that seed, all those
years before, nurtured with the
love promised, utilizing the words
of comfort and encouragement

For guidance; Spirit believed
in that power, Spirit believed in
the power of love everlasting that
instilled in Spirit that there is
a place of abundance through Faith


© 2016 Connie Jordan

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