Taming the Draconian Fear



The term "dragon" is sometimes used of the Devil in the Bible. Though I'd rather think of dragons as fairy tale beasts, it is fitting to use such powerful imagery for such an ancient foe, one whose fiery breathe is temptation. Yet by God's might, we can slay this dragon in our lives repeatedly.

Taming the Draconian Fear

Travis Jackson


Knights in shadow,

knights laughing, pointing

their alabaster lances

at me, lances I dodge.


Sharp indeed are their onyx tips,

blades of ill-gotten gain!

I leap over, escaping one

only to face another.


A clouded dragon presides

over my steel-clad inquisitors,

over my soul's trespassers,

speaking in dark Latin, contemplative.


Every thrust I dodge,

every joust I avoid

Is a test, a trial,

a challenge authored


By murky whisperers,

by those wearing masks of enigma.

Their pen, intuition.

Their paper, fear.


I sweat, grow white,

each wound avoided

a wound anticipated.

Surrounded, I cringe.


The Holy Spirit

shines through a chaos

which never obeys the Word,

sowing feelings which try to devour scripture.



fear of dreams removed,

fears of failing,

the utmost fear; putting God second.


Though not touched

by the lances alabaster

I feel wounded, hollow,

war weary, almost depraved.


But the knights wont stop

but for an hour of midwinter,

then seek again to impale me,

each having their turn.


Though calm to other eyes

I struggle with these fiends!

Struggle with that cloud-clad dragon!

Its fire cannot touch me,


But for now, without flame,

I burn…


...And give God the glory

still, in spite of it.


I wont stop my dance,

I wont give in,

I will not let the dragon

ever, ever enter within.


So come at me,

foul knights!

Come at me,

cold lances!


My heart a warhorse!

My heart is dear!

My faith, my lance!

My faith...your fear!

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