Bag of Dreams



I used to have a blue velvet pouch that tied with golden cord and had golden stars all over it. I hung it from my wardrobe door. One day I looked at it and it made me think about the dreams that we all have and the goals we aim for. The stars on the bag represented our dreams. A bag full of dreams.

Go fill up your bag, your great bag of dreams 

Fill it up high, right up to the brim

For the stars of the heavens shall fall at your feet

So gather them up, let the dreaming begin


Hold to them tight, hold them close to your heart

Don't let them fade with the passing of years

For we make them burn bright with the light of our hope

They only diminish when we listen to fears


So lift up your bag, your great bag of dreams

And lighten the skies, the heavens above

Shine out your light, your stars all around

For our dreams are to share, burning brighter with love 




Colleen Laybourne-Smith


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