Two inmates of my garden

Whisky, spirited, Happily bounce;

Up he goes the little squirrel

To the tree top!

There he sees his dear one,

Keeps running down to meet,

Amigo Chameleon who tends to,

The limited wall divider,

She is as delightful as her environment

The chameleon mirrors,

It's energetic neighbor,

Who is the little squirrel,

This time.

In an idyllic tone the

Squirrel says,

You continue changing on the run,

From yellow to green to me it appears,

You're hanging out from love towards me

Chameleon answers in an adoring tone

You can discover me in your shadow,

I’m the one that’s turning gray,

When others try to see me,

They squint and look directly through,

Because, darling, I’m transparent

To anybody but you.

Whirly, twirly, Round and round,

Down  the squirrel hastens down,

Merrily to  the ground.


My Inspiration for this poem-

( This poem is about the Squirrel and Chameleon that live in my garden, I see them every day .They are so close to each other. )

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