I was there, but I wasn't.



I just go with the flow. Type what I want to. And here's what it goes:

You taught me how to fly, and the next thing I know you were my wings.

I was laughing at your joke, and when I stopped I realize, that wasn't for me.
I was mesmerised by your eyes but then again I didn't notice that that was a dupe.
I was deceived by your smile, your touch, that skin, that smell.
The presence of yours makes me weaker even more.
Day by day, as you step away, I find myself even closer.
And one time I woke up knowing nothing but loving a blind.
I mean, blind, that love is blind.
You were there, I went, but the next thing, you left.
You asked me to go, but I chose not to.
I refused, you get mad.
You might saw me walked away from you, but when I saw that you're no longer looking back, I paused and remain.

You might not see me, but I was there.

I was there, but I wasn't.

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