Wearing Broken Glass



Once upon a time, I wore a cloak of pain and was told I would be in a wheelchair this is one of my poems I wrote as the pain took over me, I am now pain-free

Today what’s the point

Some day’s  I wonder why I live

It's always about others

People never ask me how I am

Its always one sided

Today I have had enough

Enough of the labels others have given me

The ones I gave myself

Fat, lazy, not good enough

I physically can not move

The stones in my shoes are getting worse

The pain is like walking on broken glass

God just let me died

I can no longer take these meds

I know they are killing me inside

I counted today how many

How much mg

That was meant to be keeping

The pain at bay

Bullshit I thought

Pain still eats me

4000 mg a day

Still morphine on top

I have had enough

Oh God let me die

The pain has eaten my soul

And I am no more

Oh I just want to die

So pain is no more



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