Christmas in M1



2/12/2016 Nursing an aggressive patient, one-on-one

That fist is coming

straight at your face. 

A man made stone

of flesh and bone

bearing a message

of ill will,

poor tidings

of dicomfort and woe,

discomfort and woe. 


You probably don't know

any of this,

not personally anyway.

And good luck to you!

It's crap work,

if you can get it...

some of the time. 


Often they just lie around

stoned out of their brains

by infirmity and sedatives.  

God bless the chemical restraint!

It's no fun when they party,

a fall is always

just a swing and a miss away.  


And then there's me. 

A stand-in stand-up

kinda man. 

I wear blue to work

and my bells jingle and jangle

and point to the left. 

Some rare parts in these parts,

all my colleagues have ins

where I have an out. 


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