Stars do shine in the dark



In this poem book, Every poem has its own story to tell. some of them are for children.



I haven't seen heaven


Nor I have seen God!


Show me a sign


Whom shall I call lord


Nothing has been revealed 




Everything is in disguise




Shall see Him after one's demise

                                                                        Broken wing of bird of east


I gave up my wings when I hit the ground




I saw there's a field with flowers around


I saw which was not clear from the sky


Truly on the earth I learned how to fly


I migrated from the field to nowhere 


Where only voice of gloomy present


I could hear


Humans forgot me and remembered


Only the beast


For what I stand was


Broken wings of bird of east

                                                                          May be that's why I'm living for


Why God has kept me alive




He is planning something beautiful




I will fall for you even more




That's why i'm living for




I'm living for a reason


May be,


I get a chance


To love the things you adore




That's why i'm living for




The more I stare at you


The more I fall in love with you


I may even love you more




That's why i'm living for 




You have locked your heart away




I have lost mine at that day


For your love I may explore




That's why i'm living for




Dreaming of dwelling in your heart


For that desire i have been waiting


You will let me enter that door




That's why i'm living for

                                                                            Stars do shine in the dark


Stars do shine in the dark


They twinkle with a spark


To me they are very far


Like to the moon a star




Some are huge and small


But our eyes can see all


They are glitter and bright


They reflect moon's light




They are infant's very first toy


Filled with light full of joy


They are never broken down


Cause they are the earth's crown




One day we will die


We will dwell in the sky


One day we shall see


What bright stars we will be


                                                                          Who, What, When,Where, Why


Once upon a time there was a cruel king


He used to praise himself and sing:


"Who, What, When, Where, Why"


The problems of the villagers he used to deny




Villagers just couldn't sleep all night


because of king's absurd stupid fight




One day, a doctor came to his castle


He said to king "I had enough with all your rattle"


Furthermore he said "stop this such battle"


By hearing that king ordered to throw him out of his castle


Oh the behavior of that king was not gentle




Doctor was disappointed,  he went home 


And promised to himself he will never see


This cruel king of his village and his dome




Next day king was suffering from a disease


He told his men to find a doctor please


King's men wrote a message to that doctor


where they wrote:


"Bring your all medicine that's an order"


And "Do come quick, king is about to die"


Doctor smiled and replied:


"Who, What, When, Where, Why" 

                                                                            So what we have missed


Newly Flowers are smelled and kissed


So what we have missed


The blooming of flowers


The aroma of wind and twilight mist


The Floating of heavenly bodies


These celestial beauties


We have seen


What our eyes have wished 


So what we have missed


Have we missed


A sigh of a bliss


A affectionate kiss


Endearment qualities


wistful memories


A sound of  fluty hissed


Tell me


So what we have missed

                                                                                Distance is just a test


Distance hurts I dont deny


It's the truth and a beautiful lie




I will give you my best


Distance is just a test




Distance means so little


When someone means so much


To feel that way


All you need is a love's touch




All we have to remember


Distance is just a number


Surely we are at love's crest


Distance is just a test




I may be thousand miles away


You are with me night and day


To me you will be my dearest


Distance is just a test










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