I was inspired by another writer here on Scriggler to use a trending hashtag as inspiration for a poem. #ThingsJesusNeverSaid was trending on Twitter the morning I wrote this, so I tried to imagine what that might (not) sound like...

1. Blessed are the Have's,
for their riches have purchased for them
salvation and a seat at My table

2. Cursed are the Have Not's for being born,
for what little they have shall be taken from them,
their worth adjudicated by the wealthy

3. Blessed are the usurers,
who make all things profitable at the expense of others,
for they are the wisest of all

4. Blessed are the powerful,
who can wield the sword of oppression,
for they know, and have mastered, My ways

5. Cursed are the widow and the orphan,
who seek alms and bread for sustenance,
their weakness clothes them with shame

6. Cursed are the refugee,
the nomad, the transient and the homeless,
for they will find no shelter in My house

7. Cursed among us are the lonely souls
tormented by wounds of the mind,
for there is no beauty found in the broken

8. Blessed is the man who bears false witness,
whose words pervert the course of justice,
his name shall be lauded in the annals of history

9. Cursed are those who speak truth to power,
who dare lift their voice in protest,
their words shall be expunged from the Book Of Life

10. Cursed is the woman who tries to rise up,
who refuses to acknowledge her place,
she will be pushed aside and soon forgotten

11. Blessed is the man who plunders the earth,
who ravages her inner sanctum
claiming for himself her beautiful bounty

12. Blessed is the man who has found "$UCCE$$,"
who has trampled the peaks and valleys of humanity
to stand upon the summit of his own achievement

13. Blessed is the man who remains pure,
who has not defiled himself with another race,
his descendants shall be like stars in the night sky

14. Cursed are those who doubt Me,
whose trust in Me has waned,
I will be good only to those who love Me without question

15. Blessed are those who wage war in My name,
a sword in one hand, a cross in the other,
for that is how I establish My kingdom of peace

16. Blessed are those who build monuments to My glory,
their names engraved in gold leaf, wood and stone,
they shame the poor man with their devotion

17. Blessed are those who have attained perfection,
whose lives are free from vice and beyond reproach,
they alone may condemn the sinner on the street corner

18. Blessed are they who speak in My name,
who declare My words with fury and passion,
far be it from them to proclaim things I never said

Posted May 6, 2017

#ThingsJesusNeverSaid © 2017 by Kris Peterson. All rights reserved.

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