True Reflections of Trust Hope and Restoration



This poem is about a very important friendship that has eternal value, a friendship that stood the test of time.This true friendship is known all over the world .There is none better and never will be !



I have a Friend who owns the whole universe .

Heaven is His dwelling place; the earth is His footstool .

His face shines like the sun; His eyes are like the sea .

His voice is like thunder roaring through eternity .


I have a Friend who takes interest in me .

He sticks closer than a brother .

He keeps His promise, never to leave nor forsake me .

He lets me sit beside still waters, which refresh my soul .

He tells me that I am the apple of His eye.


I have a Friend who is the greatest warrior ever .

He fights all my battles and crown me as a victor .

He secures my future, therefore I am at peace .

He blesses me with everlasting treasures from heaven .


I have a Friend whose love is eternal .

He knows the end from the beginning .

He engraved my name on the palm of His hand .

He never forgets me; never does He disappoint me .


I  have the best Friend ever, God Almighty .



Author : Patricia Sandra Bunting

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