Stop the Hate



This is a poem I wrote because of what is happening to my nieces and nephew. I want to stop the bullying and encourage kids to do the same.

She walks alone to hide her tears
He stands alone to show no fear
The long shirts, the torn jeans 
Hide the pain in between

Hateful words from all around
In their heads they can be found
Screaming their words loud and clear
And asking does no one hear?

There are new forms of hate
The internet has opened a new gate
For hate and lies to spread 
For evil to form a new web

She is Fat, he is poor 
Why don't they see anything more
Guns and Knives are not the answer
But the words and hate have become a cancer

Black or White, Orange or Gold
The arguments are all old
Bullies are all around 
In this world they can and will be found

Stop the words of hate and anger
Before we lose them to the haters
Think before you speak and before you act
And try to remember all the facts

A human is a human after all
So answer the call
To stop all bullying
No matter if you are big or small

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