The Devil in Disguise



face to face with evil

Are you the Devil in disguise?

With your frozen expression

And cynical smile

A decadent old soul


You stand under a crimson sky

Eyes rarely blinking

A twinkle of unpleasantness

As you stare, stare, stare


You foul my dreams

Loosen my bladder

Make me look under the bed

Bringing childhood fears to life


The door is closed

The door to your mind

Sealed tight until maggots find flesh

Secrets taken to your grave


You refuse to talk

Refuse to reveal a glint

While we face one another

You make my skin crawl


I ply you with questions

Psychiatric verse


Always empty-handed


I saw you last night

Invading my sleep

Pulled from the shadows

Your actions quite clear


I witnessed your deeds

Incomprehensible and foul

The kernel of pure evil

What madness hides within?


Many a monster I have met

Sickness, depravity, hopeless spirits

None matching your darkness

Beyond redemption, demonic


I should write my notes

My practiced assessment

But my pages remain blank

Words unable to flow


Your aura pulsates

Black cloud of vileness

Tinkering with my head

Drawing me closer


Filthy long nails

Blood and dirt ingrained

Blood of your helpless victims

Innocence destroyed


I delve to understand

A maze with no end

An unsolvable conundrum

A heart deprived of empathy


You can sit and stare

With that cold-hearted grin

Pupils doused in black

Holding all the aces


I challenge your gaze

Locked in battle

My faith is slim ... fragile

You win without trying


You are the bogeyman

The Devil in disguise

Yet you are human

And that scares me the most








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