A Storm at Sea



a storm at sea

A storm at sea, out of the blue

Clouds gathering in a formidable queue

Sun painted grey, darkness descends

Moving closer, we know how this ends

Lightning shards behind the black veil

Venomous thunder, sheets of white hail

Waves growing in stature, rocking the boat

Strap on my life jacket to keep me afloat

Wind gathering pace, gulls flying away

I'm caught in the eye, an ill-fated day

A rogue wave appears, king of the sea

Blotting out the world, heading for me

'Tis strange, but I'm deprived of any fright

As the looming monster prepares to smite

A moment of odd calm crosses my path

Ignoring my destiny, Poseidon's foul wrath

I think of my wife and my dear little child

My faithful hound, manner most mild

Our humble home, grand memories persist

Unlimited joys, too many to list

I muster a prayer, a short, silent plea

For my soul to depart, airborne and free

I'll wait with great patience, watch from afar

Till we meet again, riding upon a bright star

The sky turns black, a  mountainous freak

The mother of all waves, unfathomable, unique

As it descends, I mutter one last time

'Farewell, goodbye, 'tis the end of the line.'


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