What is true and what is right



15/2/2017 About love, loss and discovery

Be joyous at what is found.


The delight of new discoveries!

The frisson of excitement over a new love,

music, foods, restaurants, friends.

New clothes and secret, special places.

That warm energy suffusing your soul...

Your smile, your grin, speaking volumes.

Be joyous at what is found!


Cherish what is kept.


Those special memories,

of old friends and favourite clothes.

Childhood dreams come true,

family and old shoes.

A dog saved from the street,

that special piece of unchanged you.

Cherish what is kept!


Weep for what is lost.


The fine things,

and loves gone by.

For different times,

the faces never kissed

and friends moved on

and opportunities missed.

Weep for what is lost.


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