Every day this goes on around here.



I can't do justice to love, not yet qualified, but, life, I can do!


 Why is it we wake? It's one wonder to ponder.

A days visit awaits and a blunder to squander.

In every minute we take to learn, be and wander,

are the gift bits of life's state, whether you're city or yonder.


 Why do we continue to greet each new day?

This recluse could tell you but, why give it away?

Nope! not 'til the end, when you've heard all I'll say

but, Hope's a tip friend, in my absurd soliloquy.


 Why are we here, if ever, at all?

Why gravity, atmosphere or splendid blue ball?

Why forests and sunsets or mountains so tall?

They inform us, though small, we have LOVE to enthrall.


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