The New Eden: 2 Autopsy of Man



The autopsy is man stripped down to the basic form. How we beneath flesh are just bits of light, the soul that resides inside. This poem is realizing who we are at our deepest core.

Peal back the skin

To conceive

God's countenance

Beneath the cage of bone

The main frame

With just a transient glimpse

Of it’s creator

The streaming DNA

realize the bits and pieces of memory

The innocent child

The frightened adolescent

We are beings of light

We hide it behind our eyes

We live In a world that feasts

On any bits of light

Happy are those that keep it


And still alive

Find the parts that still make sense

The tangent bit of the chord

That still binds mother

To child

The muscles that forever deconstruct a smile

And the voice

That once spoke with the heart

Or the mind

And the brutal fingers of science

And politics

Waging wars inside

And God

Through a hole in the ground

A light shines through in the midst

Of such chaos

Find out what destroyed

This bit of vine

Once a seed now man

Beneath the same ash

He stumbled from

From the same bit of hair and bone

The rib that kept us clinging

To a vine

That beautiful vine

That always remains

One tiny bit of glimmering light

We are created, all the same…

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