What she knows and what she doesn't



14/9/16 A poem of observation

There she is

sitting quietly in the corner,

she wants to be seen and heard,

no, she doesn't, yes, she does!

She has a voice, so strong and pure,

yet she is silent. 

Her eyes watching, watching,

this is what she knows. 

She knows the man sitting opposite her

has a headache, he rubs his temples 

and the network of lines on his forehead 

tells many stories of worry. 

She knows the boy with the balloon 

is good at heart, he is kind,

even though she saw him steal the balloon

from the baby in the pram. 

She sees the girl in the pretty dress

dancing alone, eyes closed, slowly swaying

loving the music. 

She doesn't see the young man, 

off to the side, silent also,

watching her watching them. 

He knows he is unobserved,

and he is quietly, gently 

wishing her well and happiness. 


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