The BIG Questions



Beat poet Tony C wants some answers...

I’m asking The BIG Questions like…
How did all of this begin?
How long can humans really live?
Are there cures for those really awful diseases?
Why can’t we figure out infinity?
What is Dark Energy and Dark Matter?
What was Tesla trying to tap into?
Why did the ancients obsess over
the Procession of the Equinoxes?
Who really built the Pyramids?
and what’s the Sphinx pointing at?
What caused the Big Thaw 12,000 years ago?
Who built Göbekli Tepe?
Can nutrition do more than drugs?
Was there a planet in the Asteroid Belt?
Is there another planet lurking out there?
When will the next comet hit the Earth?
Does the Sun affect the weather
and cause earthquakes?
Why are there so many coincidences about the Moon?
What’s under Antarctica?
Is time travel possible?
Have aliens visited our planet?
Why are there so many wars; and
people who support them?
Why do we allow starvation
and homelessness in a world of plenty?
Why is there greed and materialism?
Why does our society put profit before people?
Why don’t more people ask
The BIG Questions?


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