at any given moment bearing thousands of tons of birds

We couldn't have done it without you

but only recently achieved the science to know that

humanity owes you its existence

literally: in our racial infancy we swung safely through lifetimes

prospering in your crucial limbs

then we came down from those

with our own standing upright

like your trunks.

We walked into novel hazard skittishly improvising survival 

and finally came to burn you when we figured out the nature

and appetites of fire, your monumental enemy

we embraced.


You gave us everything. Warmth, Light, Tools,

Shelter, Ships, Shade, Food.

Music, even: a majestic extra mile!

And Just SEEING YOU framed in a hospital window 

measurably enhances recovery & healing. Documented:

This is deep fact

from broad research.  Hospitalized? Get a room

with a view of a tree. Synaptic mojo. To just SEE.



Trees, then. Yes.

They ARE nerve-whisperers, from whir to rustle, in collective kindness

reaching out & up to light itself world-wide,


at any given moment bearing thousands of tons of birds

a ceaseless moving edge on earth of dusk & daybreak singing & falling silent

with no end in sight, think of it: none!


they say remember

so far now but you came from our shelter

we harbored you like quick but wingless birds

and will still if only you're mindful

--even to your final moment,

many thousands of times a day

our limbs are the last things you see 

our leaves as you take yours from this life

our branches, our shade, even, darkly, it might seem,


on impact, our trunk in the windshield, or on the bed

in storm's aftermath.

It so happens

every day.  A tiny but globally certain fraction (nothing personal)




A sad way to put it would be 

"as many as humanly possible" so let's just say

as many as POSSIBLE! 

you trees should be allowed your entire natural lifetime

unperturbed, we've too largely lost the art of thanking you

there should be far more tree-huggers, openly!

(and those who laugh at the notion

deserve to be seen as the spiritual fools they are)


you should all be allowed to outlive

the lifetime of the adolescents whose initials 

& painstaking graffiti of first loves & crushes

were carved into you by the million on the continents 

you inhabit!

you so grew and grow beyond these minor lacerations


that should be the worst you suffer. 


But of course, it isn't and won't be.

And I, as one selfish human, hereby extend

my solemn gratitude and apology. 






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